As a patient of our weight loss program you will have the assurance of physician supervised weight loss tailored to you and your needs. Our motivated and inspirational staff will be eager to help you on your journey to weight loss, wellness and the fit body that you've strived for all those years. At the core of our weight loss program is the education that you need to achieve this goal. Your initial visit will consist of one-on-one counseling and education as to which foods will aid you on your road to weight loss and wellness, and surprisingly, which foods can hinder you.

The healthy foods we are referring to are those you find at the supermarket, the foods at restaurants, the foods you can sit down to and enjoy with friends and loved ones. You will quickly realize that losing weight is not so much a matter of will power but of knowledge and it is this knowledge that sets us apart from all the other many weight loss programs. Wellness is indeed the new frontier in health care. People who take an active role in their health care are more likely to achieve wellness than those who do not.

If you have devoted and disciplined yourself to "eat right,"  If you have spent countless hours at the gym doing miles on the treadmill, weight training, personal trainers...only to lose a few pounds and then gain them right back and more, then take hope. This breakthrough medical weight loss program will help you lose weight safely, rapidly and effectively. Yes!  We recommend exercise, but moderately.

Yes!  We often use the aid of safe FDA approved supplements; temporary tools to help you achieve your goal weight rapidly and safely. But, more importantly, you will have a full understanding of the foods you eat and how they can bring you into or out of a state of weight loss and wellness.   Best of all, this knowledge is something that you will have your entire life, long after you've graduated our program.
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